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Moises Agosto

Access to care. Gay identity. Latino community. Latino issues. Medical treatment. Puerto Rico. Spanish. Social needs. Spanish language.

Moises Agosto came to New York from Puerto Rico as part of a graduate studies program in Literature at SUNY Stony Brook University in 1988. Moises was working as an English as a Second Language teacher in the South Bronx when ACT UP member Roger Black recruited him to translate English signs into Spanish for the Stop the Church demonstration held on December 10, 1989. Shortly after the demo Moises and other Latin American members created the Spanish Communications Committee where significant ACT UP materials involving media advisories, event flyers, and posters were routinely translated into Spanish. He helped established the Latino/a Caucus in 1990 partly as a response to the lack of Latino/a representation within ACT UP. Moises led the Latino/a Caucus’ action against the Puerto Rican government for its negligence in handling AIDS. He spent time in San Juan with other members coordinating efforts within the community to fight for medical treatment, medication, and clean needle works. In 1991, Moises became editor of SIDAhora, a publication led by the People With AIDS Coalition that provided treatment information in Spanish to communities in the United States and Latin America on all medical and treatment information related to HIV/AIDS. Moises in 1992 left ACT UP for AIDS work in organizations including the National Latino Lesbian and Gay Organization and People With AIDS Coalition of New York.

Moises is HIV-positive.


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