The Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI) at the New School was created in 2015 by Claire Bond Potter, its founding Director and a Professor of History in the Schools of Undergraduate Studies. Through the DHI, students explore the intellectual and creative activities that emerge at the intersection of design, technology and the liberal arts. Through internships, independent study, and course work in digital humanities, we encourage students to bring critical thinking, research and self-conscious reflection to their work in the world of technology. Our program of study emphasizes collaboration, innovation and design rather than the individualism, competition and ‘knowledge-banking’ that can be typical of scholarship in the analogue humanities world. It also provides the opportunity for close collaboration with faculty working in the digital humanities.

Through the program, students have the opportunity to make things. All students develop the skills that will allow them to create capstone projects in other major fields of study that departs from traditional essay or exhibition-based work. Such projects may be community-based, and offer the opportunity to return research to community collaborators; they may provide a space for the formation of virtual community; they may have a political or social justice focus; they may be archival or performative; or they may simply represent the culmination of a student’s interest in a field, subject, text or digital methodology.



The Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky is recognized around the world as a leader and innovator in the collection and preservation of oral histories.  The more than 9,000 histories in our collection provide a unique look into Kentucky and American history and represent an irreplacible resource for researchers today and generations from now.Our collections focus on 20th century Kentucky history, Appalachia, Kentucky writers, agriculture, black history, the history of the University of Kentucky, broadcasting, sports, Kentucky medical history, and the experience of Kentucky war veterans.We aspire to enlighten students, faculty, researchers, and members of the community about our shared history through the stories of those who have lived it.  And through our online catalog and innovative transcription techniques, those stories are easier to access than they have ever been.