A native of New York City, Guy Greenberg graduated the New School for Public Engagement this spring. As a BA student, he spent time studying anthropology, clinical psychology, and methods for documentation. Previous to returning to school, Guy served for five years as a librarian assistant, curating and cataloging the 40,000+ video collection for Port Washington Public Library. His ongoing ritual of photographing New York and the personal project of recording his family’s oral histories keep the idea of quitting his day job and surrounding himself with oral history alive in his mind. With USOA Guy’s greatest interest is access and getting the narratives of AIDS activists heard.



Norma Juarez is a Mexican American woman born and raised in New York with a strong history of activism within immigrant and health care rights.  Before resuming her educational endeavor, Norma spent years working with organizations such as EyeOpeners Youth Against Violence (Staten Island, NY), Community Health Center of Richmond (Staten Island, NY), and the Staten Island Family Health Care Coalition. Her involvement led her to the NYS Youth Leadership Council (NYSYLC), the first undocumented youth-led organization in NYC advocating for equal access to education for all youth, regardless of immigration status. It was her time at the NYSYLC where she learned many of the intersecting issues facing immigrant communities such as race, class, gender and sexuality. Currently, she works within the Harm Reduction field where she uses non-judgmental approaches and meets people where they are at in relation to substance use and other risky behaviors.She is enrolled at The New School –School of Undergraduate Studies where she majors in Liberal Arts. In addition to the United States of AIDS Project, she is a member of The Magistras Iberoamericana, a project led by Professor Gina Luria Walker of Project Continua, that works on recovering the history of women that lived during the early colonial period of the Americas and in the Iberian peninsula. The aim of the project is to create their biographies and place them within a historical context.